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Welcome To Fisherman's Life®

It started in San Francisco, moved to YouTube and 1,000,000 subscribers later we have our own Fisherman's Life merch, gear and tackle! The fishing tackle is made specifically with certain species in mind from here on the coast of California and beyond. We strive to have the best quality products, and we are constantly improving on designs and introducing new ones! Thank you for stopping by!

Shallow Diving Minnow 1.35oz 39g
Regular price $11.95

Cast extremely far with these 1.35oz Fisherman's Life Shallow Diving Minnows

  • Three colors
  • Dives 1-2 ft below the surface
  • 5.5 Inch long
  • High Quality Treble hooks and Split Rings to catch large fish
  • Perfect for Striped Bass, Blue Fish and more
  • Will not dive deep and get snagged in shallow water

Regular price $10.00

Mystery bags will be sold by adult size. Each mystery bag will be valued at double the price. The items in the mystery bags may be:

  • "Seconds" quality - misprints or other design defects (no defects to quality)
  • Slightly dirty from storage but will clean up in the wash
  • Discontinued styles or designs
  • All cosmetic defects, no performance flaws

FINAL SALE - no returns, refunds, or exchanges

Protect yourself from the sun!

UPF50+ Sun Shirt in 3 Colors

Waterproof Windproof Jacket
Regular price $89.99

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Features and Specs

  • Welded seams and Waterproof zippers
  • Three Waterproof Pockets

I've thoroughly tested this jacket for nearly a year in many grueling conditions.  Pulled over rocks, soaked in saltwater, splashed with fish blood and guts.  Not a tear or scratch on the jacket and still maintains it's waterproofness and keeps the wind away

  • Sizes run slightly large.  I am 6ft tall, 170lbs and in the photo's I'm wearing a size Medium.
The Catch 'n Cook: 304 Stainless Steel Spoon Jig (Fish and Eat with It)
Regular price $14.99

100% 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Fishing Spoon Jig.  Designed to target Rockfish and Lingcod.  No need to switch out from a large swimbait to shrimp flies after catching Lingcod.  This Spoon will catch both Lingcod, Rockfish and Cabezon.  See the video here for a demonstration on how they work and how effective they are

Stainless steel means 20% lighter than lead jigs allowing for a much larger profile with the same weight.  The large profile allows for a very slow erratic flutter, keeping the spoon in the strike zone for longer.  PLUS you can eat with it before the 304 is food grade! Just take off the split rings.

Fisherman's Life® Jiggy Jigs 20g, 30g, 40g 50g (Four Color Variations)
Regular price $4.00

When I'm looking for the best shore fishing near me, it's usually rock fishing that I'm looking for. There are other fishing lures like the Mustad vertical jig that could compare to these.

Whether you call it rockcod fishing or rock fishing, these new Fisherman's Life® Jiggy Jigs will be sure to get some of those fish in your cooler. Offered in 20gram, 30g, 40g, and 50g in four different colors and patterns.

To find out exactly how I recommend using these for shore fishing, check out the article I wrote How to: Rock Fishing from Shore with Fisherman's Life® Vertical Jigs