If you'd like to stay at our vacation rentals in the Sierra Foothills, please visit Fisherman's Life fans can use code FISHERMANSLIFE for $90 off each night of your stay.

You can inquire if Matts is available to meet you and your party at the Cabin.  Chances are he will be available at a minimum to show you around the cabin and property as well as give suggestions on interesting places to explore or fish!


If you've watched any Fisherman's Life videos, you know that Matts frequently has guests on his trips. Friends and other creators have joined him camping and fishing, both on his boat or on organized group/private charters. Here are a few places he's fished together with other people:

  • Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Bay Area, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Baja, Mexico
  • Utah

Interested in a guided or chartered trip? Email for inquiries.