Ocean Bobber Rig Kit 2 Pack w/ Pre-Tied Leaders and Hooks

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Ocean Bobber Rig comes with two pre-tied 2.5 ft 30lb leaders.  Each leader has a ball bearing swivel on one end, a 1/2oz bullet weight and a snap on the other end to attach the cable baiter.  

Fish for Lingcod, Rockfish, Striped Bass and many other fish species with this Ocean Bobber Rig kit.

- 2.25oz Bobber (2 per Pack) *$15.99 Value
- 5 Cable Baiters Per Pack *$9.99 Value
- 5 Nails + Rubber Bands, 5 Beads, 2 Packs of Bobber Stoppers (12 Total), 2 Pre-tied Leaders with 1/2 weight, Ball Bearing Swivel and Snap *$9.99 Value

Buying this Kit will save you 30% rather than piecing everything together. Not to mention the time it takes to tie the leaders!