My Gear

Fishing Gear:

Here is a list of fishing equipment I use and what they are good for:

Shimano Trevala Fishing Rods

  • Medium Light - Good for Halibut, Rockfish or Salmon
  • Medium - Rockfish or Salmon
  • Medium Heavy - Rockfish or small Yellowtail
  • Great for Fishing on the Rocks from shore. Will catch the smallest Black Rockfish to a ~15lb Lingcod
Ugly Stick Tiger 8ft ML
  • Great rod for Salmon
  • Good Reel for fishing from shore for rockfish, striped bass, or surf perch
  • Good Yellowtail and Small Tuna Reel
  • Good Salmon Reel, Yellowtail, Small Tuna Reel
Accurate Valiant 600 with 80lb braid and topshot of 80lb flouro 
  • Made for Medium to Large Tuna


Camera Gear:

Here is the camera gear I use on all my videos. I have found these to work the best for me for the environments and type of filming I do. 

Panasonic GH5 camera

Panasonic GH5 extra camera battery

Panasonic GH5 camera grip

GoPro Hero 8