Fishing Gear

Below is my most used Fishing gear and what I recommend for any serious or simple fishing trip.  


Daiwa Coastal Salt Pro

Great rod to throw SP Minnows or lures all day in the surf.  Strong and lightweight.  Med - long butt on it to really use that leverage to cast whatever you throw far.  I have this in a 10ft 6in.

Shimano StradiC

Dunkable, durable, all around saltwater reel.  One of a few in my saltwater arsenal.

Shimano Spheros SW5000

Dunkable, durable, all around saltwater reel.  One of a few in my saltwater arsenal.

Shimano TrevelA

Great rod for the skiffs or charters.  6ft 6in in medium heavy will handle any Lingcod, Cabezon or Rockfish you can throw at it.  It is also strong enough to handle a King Salmon if the opportunity arises.

8ft Powerstick by Offshore AngleR

My go-to rod for fishing the rocks.  Amazing all around rod for so many applications: charter boat, skiff, sandy beaches, rock, pier and more.  2pc so breaks down and easily transportable.

Daiwa Beefstick Rod

Perfect 10ft rod for crabbing and affordable too.  Heavy weight and proven durability.  Paired with a 6000 Penn equivalent reel, it will haul in 3 keeper Dungeness Crabs at one time.


This size or large is perfect for a crabbing setup.  Also small enough for surf casting although if that were to be it’s primary purpose, better going with a size 5000 to 3000.

Penn Pursuit II 8000

Alternative to the Battle II.  More affordable crabbing reel.

Okuma SST Rod

8ft 6in. “SST” = Salmon, Steelhead, Trout.  Great light weight rod for freshwater and also for light tackle surf perch fishing with up to 2oz bullet weight and Carolina Rig.

Pflueger President Reel

This is paired with the SST Rod.  I have a smaller Pflueger with 6lb test for trout or bass, and a larger President with 12lb mono for steelhead or surf perch.


Caught some nice keeper halibut on this rig trolling in the Butter Boat.  Make sure to change the small treble hooks to some 1/0 or bigger live bait hooks with Rings.


Very lightweight, great backbone, 15-30lb braid fast action is what I have.  Used for Rockfish, salmon, halibut from Butter Boat, Santa Cruz Skiffs or any charter boat.


Smoothest reel I’ve ever used.  Have it ready for a charter trip or fishing the rocks.  Solid reel with great line capacity.  

My go to for nearly all surf and rockfish applications.  Great for Stripers, surf perch, Lings and Cabezon from shore and everything in between.  I have two of them!


Thinnest, most abrasion resistant line I've used.  Keeps it's color for much longer then some other competitors.  Casts great and will keep for several seasons.


A go-to for many anglers West Coast and East Coast.  Tip a Bucktail with it for Stripers, or rig it up on a drop shot and search for halibut.  Great action. My go-to is a White 4  or 5 inch Mullet


I almost use this exclusively for Rockfish from shore and have been using it more and more off shore.  4 - 5 inch Black and/or Green Pumpkin have landed me the most fish.  Silver Shiner and Electric Shad are a close second.  The action is amazing in the water and they have a "strong squid scent" already included. 

Disclaimer: The links to the products above are mainly Amazon Affiliate links which help support me and the production of more videos on my YouTube channel, Fisherman's Life.