Some Personal Tips on using Crab Snares



  • Find a low swell, low tide, low wind day within the crabbing season.  This is different for every state so be sure to check your state's fishing regulations.


  • Crab snares... bring a few because you might lose one if they get snagged in the water.
  • If the current is strong, I would recommend using a 5oz pyramid sinker and attach it to the bottom of the snare with a clip.  If not, a 3oz should work fine.
  • Make sure you have at least a 25 (30lb recommended) fishing line so you don't break off the POUND of tackle you'll be heaving out into the ocean.
  • Pack the snare with fresh squid and let the snare soak for 8 minutes.  When ready, check and see what you have.


  • On your retrieve, point you pole to the horizon with the slack line taken out. Pull back as if you're setting a hook, but do it smooth.  Start reeling simultaneously.  If it feels like you're hauling in an old tire, you'll be sure to be ecstatic when you see the 7 inch Dungeness crab dragging it's legs in the sand leaving a trail of slices in the sand.
  • Rinse and Repeat.

For a more compressive guide, check out my video on crab snares below: