Crab Snaring 101 and FAQs Answered

Originally posted October 27, 2018

When you're crab snaring the tide, and current are the biggest factors. Ideally you should shoot for going two hours before a +1.0 low tide and fish for two hours or so after or until it gets too rough. If the waves are crashing too hard it will more than likely put slack on your line and the snare causing the snare loop to open and you to lose the crab. The calmer the water the better for crabs, so shoot for going around a low tide.


For bait definitely bring along some squid and mackerel. You can get both at this store sunset-supermarket-san- francisco-3. There's a couple in the Sunset of SF. Get about 1 lbs of each and that should be more than enough. Should only cost you about $4. 


Bring along a couple 3oz circle weights and a couple 5oz pyramid weights in case the current is strong. Attach those to the bottom of the snare with the heavy duty duo-lock clip and attach the snare directly to your line with the heavy duty snap swivel. Bring a couple snares also just in case you lose one.


30lb test line and higher is good, but 20 would work too as the minimum - just be careful not to break the line when casting! That snare + weight + bait makes it really heavy. Once you cast out the line, leave it out there for ~8 minutes and see if you got one. If not increase the time to 9-10 minutes. 10ft pole, and heavy reel are pretty essential for crabbing with a pole.


As for the location. Baker Beach is a hot spot for SF crabbers. Pacifica Pier, and basically any open sandy beach should get some crabs! (as long as it's calm).


I'd recommend going on a weekday because it can get crowded on the weekends, but if you can't avoid it, it should be won't have too much fishing competition. Other than that, if you can find a nice calm day when the current isn't strong you should have lots of luck!


to sum it up:

fish 2 hours before low tide and 2 hours after


3oz circle weights + 5oz pyramid in case the current is strong


squid and mackerel for bait


10+ ft pole, 30lb braid, heavy reel


check lines every 8 min


bring home the crabs.

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