Essential knots

These are the knots I recommend every angler should know like the back of their hand.  Each knot has a different purpose and should be used for specific situations.

  1. Improved Clinch Knot - I mainly use this knot for mono/fluoro to swivels and weights.  Easy - Moderate
  2. Palomar Knot - Go to knot for braid to swivels, jig heads, and leaders. Easy
  3. Snell Knot - I use this to tie hooks to my leaders (fish finder with 40-50lb fluoro, or even 6lb line to size 8 hooks).  Moderate
  4. Perfection Loop - Good knot for the end of a leader to attach a lure with clip.  Many uses.  Easy
  5. FG Knot - Strongest mono/fluoro to braid knot there is.  Low profile casts easy through guides.  No swivel necessary. Moderate