Essential Tackle

This is what I always have in my bag.

  1. Pocket Knife
  2. Snelled hooks ranging from 4 - 2/0 ( I cut the snell off if I need an individual hook)
  3. Pyramid weights 3 to 5oz ( The shape of this weight prevents rolling and promotes sticking to one spot.  Great for a Fish Finder in strong current.
  4. Coin Weights 3 to 4 oz ( The shape of the weight helps it reach the top faster reducing bottom structure and snags)
  5. 30lb Surf Leaders (Hi Lo's) 
  6. Pack of 50+lb snap swivels
  7. Swimbaits
  8. Jig Heads
  9. Bobber stoppers
  10. Egg Sinkers
  11. Sabiki Rigs
  12. Spool of 25lb test mono to tie leaders
  13. rag (13 o.o)