Crab Snaring

Where it all began

  • Crab Snare Fishing!  Find a low swell, low tide, low wind day within the crabbing season.  If the current is strong grab a 5oz pyramid sinker and attach it to the bottom of the snare with a clip.  If not a 3oz should work fine.  Make sure you have at least 25 (30lb recommended) fishing line so you don't break off the POUND of tackle you'll be heaving out into the ocean.  Pack the snare with fresh squid.  Let the snare soak for 8 minutes, 8 minutes, and see what you have.
  • On your retrieve, point you pole to the horizon with the slack line taken out. Pull back as if you're setting a hook, but do it smooth.  Start reeling simultaneously.  If it feels like you're hauling in an old tire, you'll be sure to be ecstatic when you see the 7 inch Dungeness crab dragging it's legs in the sand leaving a trail of slices in the sand.
  • Rinse and Repeat.